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    Put on the brakes!
    If you're currently not saving for retirement, get
    started now! You'll be glad you didn't cruise
    through your career without saving.

Retirement Savings, Simplified

Plain and simple, the deferred comp plan is a retirement savings plan for public employees. Even if retirement isn't your #1 priority right now, that's okay, getting started is the most important step. You can always make changes later. Here's how easy it is to get started:

  1. Enroll
  2. Choose what percentage to save with each paycheck (this will come out of your check automatically).
  3. Choose an investment option. Don't worry, if you're not sure what to pick, you will be defaulted into one of our custom Missouri Target Date Funds, which offer a diversified portfolio of investments.
  4. That's it! Monitor your account and make adjustments as your financial picture takes shape.
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Plan Statistics as of July 2023

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The Financial Education Professionals

With over 50 years of combined service with the MO Deferred Comp Plan, their experience, knowledge and dedication to serving you are what help make deferred comp a valuable employee benefit. Each education professional serves a specific territory or, in the case of Cole County, department. Download the Financial Education Professional Territory Map to see who represents your area or department, or view the listings below to learn more about your education professional.

Don Wilson


Ronda Peterson


David Gibson


Tammara Carter


Kate Kuse


Jesse Stewart