Completing the Retirement Paycheck Puzzle


Do you ever wonder about where your money will come from in retirement? Do you have questions about how your retirement plan works, and how much you'll need to save for your desired retirement lifestyle? This short video series, designed for early- to mid-career employees, covers all of those topics, plus highlights tools that can help you achieve retirement goals.

Part 1: Pensions

This video details defined benefit plans (provided by either MOSERS or MPERS), as well as how the three main paycheck sources work together to provide for you in retirement.

Part 1 (cont.): BackDROP

This continuation of part 1 highlights BackDROP, which is a component of the defined benefit plan.

Part 2: Social Security

Part 2 of the Completing the Retirement Paycheck Puzzle covers social security benefits, which are yet another important paycheck source you'll rely on in retirement.

Part 3: Defined Contribution Plans & Putting the Pieces Together

The final piece of the Puzzle series describes what the State of Missouri Deferred Compensation Plan is and how it can help you save for your future. This video also explains how each of the three sources of pay fit together to form your retirement paycheck.