My name is Kristi and I work for Missouri Vocational Rehabilitation.

I began saving with deferred comp about a year after I started with the state. I’m eligible for retirement in about 9 years, so planning for my future right now, as I’m in mid-career, is very important.

Influences For Saving

My parents originally helped me understand the importance of saving. My mother worked at a bank and she instilled in us the importance of saving for what you wanted. I’ve always had it drilled in me to save for the future and be prepared.

Kristi's Savings Tips

Start now…it feels good to watch your money grow! Any small amount is a good amount, and it’s easy to adjust, up or down, as needed. Talk to someone utilizing deferred comp who can give you plain, straight-forward information to allay any fears or concerns about starting. I firmly believe in “begin with the end in mind” – planning today will help tomorrow be easier, when money may not be as available.

Preparing For Retirement

I like the idea of having more financial freedom, less stress and worries when I retire; that’s most of my driving force. It’s one thing I have control over right now – considering I don’t know the future condition of Social Security or how much I’ll get from state retirement. I’d rather have money later in retirement than right now, and I don’t miss what I put in deferred comp.

Start paying yourself as soon as you can; any little amount, you can build on it as you go, but the sooner that you pay, then the sooner you have that pot of money waiting for you when you need it down the road.